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Central Asia 2021 2022 forecast

This forecast is for the southern regions of Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, North Turkmenistan.

Until July 16, 2021, the temperature in Lebap is 37-39 degrees, which is quite normal.

From July 16, 2021, temperatures rise and humidity drop to wildfires. Temperatures of 44 are expected with a further rise to 49 degrees over 2 weeks, followed by a prolonged heat wave, but with low humidity.

Dashoguz is identical to the picture, but 2-4 degrees lower. From the point of view, everything will burn out, absolutely identical.

In August 2021, temperatures will be kept around 44 degrees and will gradually decrease, as a result, everything will end with a strong heat wave in September of 47 degrees.

The first precipitation is expected no earlier than the end of December 2021, almost another dry winter, with large temperature fluctuations.

February 2022 - a sharp warming for 15 days, followed by a sharp drop in temperatures to -12 degrees, which is dangerous for horticulture and the risk of destruction of fruit.

At the end of March and April 2022, a flood and a hurricane are expected, almost six months of precipitation will fall, and a hurricane wind of more than 170 km per hour.

April 2022, characterized by dust storms and dry winds, and then May by an ultra-long heat wave of 54 degrees.

Summer months June July August 2022 will break new temperature records.

The expected floods will cause an increase in annuals, but dry winds and high temperatures will turn everything into gasoline, everything will burn out in May 2022, there is a high probability of loss of pastures.

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