• ilia887

2022 - What to expect, very initial forecast

At the tip of the fork, what awaits us next year:

1. Floods in Europe in the summer of 2022. Northern Europe -Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands ... the hard summer of 1969.

It will all end with a heavy heat wave in northern Europe up to 52 degrees. Spain 54.

2. Water shortages in Central Asia will be severely affected by opium crops. Which will create a shortage in the market and a rise in prices, which will lead to increased dilution in rations and an increase in deaths.

In addition, an increase in struggles over distribution areas should be expected.

3. A drought in Central Asia will lead to severe disruptions in world food supply chains and rising prices.

4. Countries such as Kazakhstan will be severely affected by the drought and should be prepared in advance.

5. Lack of water will cause disruptions in energy supply from hydro stations. To the point of complete cessation. Rising electricity prices. Amplification in the use of coal and gas.

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