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Micro-Climate Forecasting by Emnotion opens new opportunities for R&D projects

R&D Opportunities: Welcome

R&D collaborations

Health Alerts

Following our initial research based on our micro-climate urban maps and medical database of stroke events (risk groups, time, date, location) we have found a strong causation relationship between two.
According to last researches and observation there is possible relationship between stroke probability and covid19 patients. 
We believe, forecasting micro-climate conditions will enable forecasting stroke conditions and this way save time and lives. 

Plants Maternal Effect

As a part of our collaboration with farmers, we would like to develop predictive models for yields based on micro-climate conditions during the seeding period. Influence of maternal environment on offspring fitness in plants.

Pests forecasting

Usage of micro-climate forecasting in the elaboration of pests forecasting protocols in plants.

R&D Opportunities: List
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