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Our Mission

Automated Weather/Climate Data Machine

Emnotion specializes in data science solutions in the aspect of climate modeling. 
Five years ago, founders decided to solve the core problem of climate monitoring and forecasting - complexity. The simplicity of our solution enables us to supply cheap, precise, and tailor-made monitoring and forecasting online.

Emnotion is not a meteorological service company. We supply unique and rare forecasts. 
Emnotion supplies tailor-made solutions for climate risks. Market place for climate-related risk products. The final user gets hyper-local alerts for specific risks on demand and according to their business activity.

Short, Medium, and Long-range forecasts - Globally.


Our Technology

Automated Climate/Weather Machine

The company bases its solutions on Big Data analysis, ML, NLP, and multilevel clustering analysis (GIS) - all inhouse development. Climate data is supplied by IBM Weather and also gathered from other sources.

No Measurement equipment needed, Automated forecasting, New Climate modeling approach.

The combination of static mapping and dynamic weather data (after our deep processing) enables us to monitor and forecast weather conditions from short to medium range and foresee climate dynamics on long-range globally. (Examples are attached) 
The company's lean algorithms enable minimizing running expenses. Matching solutions boost spreading climate scenarios globally for more efficient scaling. 


Our Solutions

Rural area and Agriculture

  • Agriculture - forecasting weather risks: frosts, heatwaves for specific areas MONTHS AHEAD Save TIME and MONEY on equipment installation and maintenance.

  • Optimize supply chain decisions - stocks, distribution, sales, shipping.

  • Get overall picture of your region.

  • Elaborate new business models with local partners - insurance, financing.

  • Integrate hyper-local forecasts into your growing protocols.

  • Boost local research efforts on CROP DISEASE forecasting

  • UAV - better scheduling of spraying activity

  • Greenhouses - high winds and floods alerts, heat/cold waves for energy optimization



Urban Area

•Health – personal alerts for heatwaves, storming weather, stroke probability

•Actuary – optimization of actuary risk evaluation

•Retail – optimization of stocks, sales, ads, and supply chain management

•Construction site – schedule optimization, safety

•UAV – safe routes based on hyper-local meteorological data

Rural Area

•Agriculture – long-range personal alerts for farmers based on specific crop demands

•Renewable Energy – energy output monitoring and forecasting for wind and solar plants

•Energy – storming weather alerts for maintenance optimization




•Floods and winds forecasting for better scheduling – last mile, tracks, drones

•Better protection for fragile or weather-sensitive packages – rain, heatwave

•Optimize insurance expenses by minimizing weather-related risks

•Get overall climate risks picture of your region in one place

•Elaborate new business models with local partners – insurance, financing

•Integrate hyper-local forecasts into your support chain for better planning and pricing strategy

Air and Sea

•Storming weather alerts along shipping routes for specific dates months ahead

•Climate forecasts as a planning tool for daily decisions

•Infrastructure projects  scheduling – optimization of delays

•Location based alerts for local partners and staff globally


Smart City

  • 3D Micro-Climate mapping - actual and forecasted

  • UAV - safe route mapping

  • Smart Grid - by building energy balance mapping 

  • Flood alerts


Renewable Energy

  • 3D Wind mapping - actual and forecasted

  • Smart Grids - by block energy balance city mapping